I LOVE mixed media projects, and gosh this was a fun one to work on!
Combining 3D with cel animation, we snazzed these cans up to the max and hopefully made you want to drink their insides.

My process involved starting with a blank canvas in Adobe Animate, and animating the can designs on in a dynamic but logical way, before settling in their final positions less than 3 seconds later. All the while making it look juicy!
Then the team at Cadre Pictures wrapped my drawings around their 3D cans, added a tonne of extra fun, and voila!

I also got to animate the logos and supers. It was an all-round great time with a lovely team.

Client: Asahi Beverages
Studio: Cadre Pictures
Creative Director: Patrick Da Cunha
Producer: Annie Thiele
Cel Animation: Amy Charlick
3D Modelling: Eoin Cannon
3D Animator: Brian Doecke
Surfacing & Lighting: Alan Do
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