Hello! As you have probably noticed with your eyes, my name is Amy Charlick. I am a 2D animator and illustrator from Adelaide, Australia.
I specialise in frame by frame animation for explainer videos, social media content and GIF's for every occasion. 

I have worked with brands you may know, as well as a bunch of small businesses, start-ups and government bodies from around the world.

I love to bring a sense of playfulness to a project, whether it's through narrative, design or animation. My work is often bright and light-hearted, and I enjoy sneaking in moments that make people smile, even when the topic may be somewhat, well...dry. I believe that even 'boring' information can be engaging if it is delivered in the right way.
And if you need serious - I can do that too.

I have almost a decade of experience working directly with clients, and know how to make the creative process smooth, clear and exciting. Making a successful video is a team effort, and I make sure you understand exactly what steps are involved, what I need from you, and most importantly, what you can expect from me. 

I also regularly collaborate with studios and other creatives, and can help out with storyboarding, illustration or animation (or all three!). 
If you would like to discuss working together, I would love to hear from you! Let me know who you are, what you do and how I can help at amy@amycharlick.com. 

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