Hello! Thanks for checking out my work.
I am a 2D animator and illustrator from Adelaide, Australia. I have worked with brands you may know, as well as a bunch of small businesses, start-ups and government bodies from around the world.

I love to bring a sense of playfulness to a project, whether its through narrative, animation or design. 

I have almost a decade of experience creating animated content from concept to completion, and pride myself on great communication and meeting deadlines.
I am also available for remote freelance 2D animation and illustration work, be it for a studio or a collaborative arrangement with other creatives.
If you would like to discuss working together, please send me some details about your project at amy@amycharlick.com. 
I have enjoyed working with:
Motor Accident Commission 
Adelaide City Council
Frida Baby
Arm & Hammer
Norwegian Airlines
...and many more.