WARNING: contains an ear-worm.
This video for type 2 diabetes awareness was created with a super talented team and a song that is very hard to get out of your head.
Studio: IV Animation
Executive CD: Samuel 
CD: Zac Dixon
Creative Director: Taylor Yontz
Producer: Rachel Loven
Art Director: Michael Cribbs
Illustrators: Glenn Thomas & Michael Cribbs
Animators: Scott Jonsson, Danila Riberio, Nata Metlukh, TJ Peters, Amy Charlick, Taylor Yontz
Compositor:Kyle Martinez
Music Production: Cody Fry
English Vocalist: Kayliann Lowe
Spanish Vocalist: Abi Flowers

Full Video

Final vs Rough Pass #2

Final vs Rough Pass #3

Final vs Rough Pass #4

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